Barra Fishing

Barramundi –  a worthy opponent!

Live Bait: Use mullet and prawns

Lures: Use heavy fly gear and medium sized fishing lures in bright bronze or gold metallic colours

BaraamundiTrolling and Casting: Use medium weight baits and lures (These won’t get blown and knocked around like smaller, lighter varietties.)

Peak Wet Season:  December to March. Recommend cast from boats anchored in waterways close to banks and submerged logs

Dry Season: May to November. Try fresh water lagoons and rivers

Build Up: October to December. Barra are active as water temperatures rise in freshwater lagoons and in salt water estuarine waterways.

Tidal Rivers: Fish at the end of run-out tides

Estauries and Salt Water Creeks: Fish an hour or two either side of a low tide   And when you hook a Barramundi, be prepared for an exciting battle of wits and strength with a worthy opponent.